March 11, 2009

AA Cafe #57

I know, I know. It's been a while. We apologize. A lot has been going on around the DoubleShot lately. This is a podcast Isaiah and I recorded while in Portland, Oregon. Isaiah was competing in the US Barista Championship. We even include interviews with the former hosts of the late Portafilter podcast: Nick Cho and Jay Caragay. We promise to record more often.
November 24, 2008

AA Cafe #56

Isaiah and I try our best to catch up on the last few weeks in a short amount of time. We talk about the South Central Regional Barista Competition in Austin. We talk about coffee that is "too fresh" and listen to snippets from Michael Sivetz speech at the SCAA, "Stale Coffees Are Not Specialty Coffees." Isaiah is quoted in (Too?) Fresh Cup Magazine concerning latte art. And we touch on our new coffees- Aricha 10 and Beloya 12, our upcoming trip to Colombia, and Ferraris' film "The Perfect Cappuccino" coming to Tulsa.
September 22, 2008

AA Cafe #55

Isaiah and I talk about the past few weeks: DoubleShot Latte Art Comp, Seattle, CoffeeFest, Victrola, and Ferraris' film in Kansas City. Isaiah requested that I play some 80's Christian Rock, so I couldn't resist digging for some of the old jr. high favorite lipsync tunes. Oh, and our podcast wouldn't be complete without... Mark Prince.
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