May 06, 2010

AA Cafe #63

This is the one we skipped back in January. Isaiah, Garth and I recorded this podcast when they returned from the South Central Regional Barista Competition in Austin. Isaiah made me promise not to post it until after the USBC in Anaheim. Now that it's over, it's time to make this thing live. This is by far the longest podcast in AA Cafe history- and the first time we've recorded with three people. Lots of talking. If you are curious what the barista competitions are all about, this is the inside track... with lots of analysis.And for the record, these guys were purposely baiting me, just trying to get me to blow my top. And it worked.
March 27, 2010

AA Cafe #67

Garth and I... are the universal health care of coffee podcasting? This is sort of a rambling podcast about random tidbits. The top ten list of worst customers, your local meat market, new coffees from Cafe Imports, Cristina Garces, and Ninety Plus, a new book about Ethiopia, DoubleShot web and store changes, and our girl Shelley Olds!
March 10, 2010

AA Cafe #66

It's Newguy's first podcast. Everyone welcome Michael to the DoubleShot team. We discuss various brewing methods using the Aeropress and the theories behind them. Also, Hoffmann's blog, Geoff Watts' statement about naturals, and our position with the Colombian naturals. And a surprise phone interview with James. We're the Emily Oak of coffee podcasting. For sure.
February 06, 2010

AA Cafe #65

Garth and I are back on the mics. THIS time we don't talk about women. Hardly. We talk about peaberry coffee seeds, new coffees at the DoubleShot, Newguy at the DoubleShot, The DoubleShot's 6th Bday, SHELLEY OLDS!, Jennifer Iannolo and the Food Philosophy podcast (, Doug Zell and his blog... Man, we talked about a lot of stuff. A lot of people. But not much about ladies. LADIES! :)
January 20, 2010

AA Cafe #64

It's not that great, mostly because I recorded by myself. But I wanted to talk about Haiti and some other stuff. Listen and then email me.
December 06, 2009

AA Cafe #62

Podcast interview from Colombia with Ariel Montoya and Cristina Garces.
September 18, 2009

AA Cafe #61

Garth... Bjorklund and I join forces on AA Cafe Seisenta y Uno with the pact that we'd only talk about things related to coffee. It was hard and we didn't cover much ground. But we had fun and got a few things off our chests. Of particular interest: The Perfect Cappuccino and our coffee experiments in Colombia.
June 26, 2009

AA Cafe #60

Recorded during our trip to Colombia June 16-23. This is the longest podcast I'll ever post. I promise. It's an hour and a half, and the first part we recorded has poor quality due to the echo of the room and the ambient noise of vehicles and rain. But if you have trouble sleeping, the rain soundtrack with the droll of our voices should do the trick. It seems like Isaiah and I told every damn detail of our trip, but that isn't the case. It just seems like it. So if you want to hear all about it, here it is. Pretty much unedited. I hope you find it interesting and educational.
June 09, 2009

AA Cafe #59

Garth! My country music compadre. Garth and Brian go old-school on AA Cafe to bring back Coffee News. This podcast is ridiculous. From steak to coffee to whisky to bike racing to latte art comps to women... We're all over the place. We should've talked about coffee.
April 02, 2009

AA Cafe #58

Jason and I finally got around to podcasting about our trip to Colombia. It's a long podcast, and I'm sorry. I felt like we recorded half of a portafilter podcast or something. Many thanks to the good people at La Minita- Drew, Russ, Fernando, Jim, and lots of others. And to Kike and Vivian from Empresas de Narino (and Antioquia). And much thanks to Cristina Garces and all the people in Concordia who made us feel welcome and safe. Thanks Alfredo Correa for the great coffee! Music from a local band called La Panther Happens.