January 10, 2012

AA Cafe #77

One of Tulsa's greatest musicians and most interesting persons, Brian Haas from Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey tells us about the way shape affects sound and taste and how the five senses work together to give us each a unique experience. Mark Brown and I talk about how it all relates to coffee.
December 16, 2011

AA Cafe #76

Jason Perry of JasonPerryPhotography.com tells us about how cameras work and I try to understand them by relating it all back to coffee. Mark Brown, writer and editor and publisher of the Argent Fork quarterly helps us get through it all. And of course, it's all brought to you by DoubleShotCoffee.com.
August 17, 2011

AA Cafe #75

Mark Brown and I ramble about about my many travels, coffees I found along the way, some advice about coffee, a little info about Costa Rican micro-lots and the Gesha variety. And much, much more...
May 13, 2011

AA Cafe #74

Jonathan Showman in his debut podcast. We talk about making coffee while you're traveling. With a little audio from my road trip to Moab. And a live demo on how to make coffee when all you have is coffee beans and water.
March 01, 2011

AA Cafe #73

Garth and I talk passion. What is passion? Are you passionate? Am I? I interview Father Kastl of the Diocese of Tulsa and Mark Brown of the Tulsa World and Argentfork. A priest and a wordsmith. More about motivations than coffee, but I thought it was an interesting listen. Don't miss the 7th Birthday of the DoubleShot Coffee Company March 5, 2011.
January 12, 2011

AA Cafe #72

Michael Feamster! It's Michael's last podcast... at least for a while. He's off to Spain for school. But before he leaves, I wrangled him into recording another podcast, where we talk about weather. How weather affects coffee at the farm level. We discuss a bit of my last trip to Colombia, and Michael's upcoming trip.
November 03, 2010

AA Cafe #71

Garth and I start off a new era of AA Cafe podcasting talking about expensive coffees. Nekisse, La Minita, El Boton Natural and Las Animas Natural, Aricha and Beloya, Geisha, Kona, JBM... I got a great interview with Joseph Brodsky of Ninety Plus. Thanks to him and all the people who helped with our new AA Cafe intro.
September 03, 2010

AA Cafe #70

This is it. I have the answer. Well, I have a hypothesis anyway. We discuss. Threaded throughout are conversations with Isaiah, with Michael, and with Gabe from Oren's Daily Roast in NYC. Grab yourself a pbr, sit back, and listen.
August 20, 2010

AA Cafe #69

It's the long lost audio from the SCAA Convention in Anaheim. Gabe Smenhnjkiuoi, Isaiah Sheese, Jeremy Tooker, and myself. We laughed, we cried, we made fun of each other. We made fun of decaf coffee. We made smarmy remarks about some other prominent chaps. All in good fun.
August 15, 2010

AA Cafe #68

Back on the horse. Garth and I talk about iced coffee, return to COFFEE NEWS!, Shelley Olds and how badass she is on a bike, and we discuss the expansion of the DoubleShot.