White Buffalo

Through the years, we've used buffalo imagery and references a lot. We are the white buffalo of coffee. Here are a few you may or may not know about.

My friend Nancy Mills, it turns out, is a good artist. She does very realistic sketches as well as abstract paintings. She drew this white buffalo for me as a Christmas present. 
In 2010, I ran across the webpage of an artist named Fabiana Fortes and just fell in love with her illustrations. I contacted her and asked if she would do a something for us that we could print on shirts, and this is what she came up with. Really cool.
In 2015, I worked with my friend Candice Steichen to design a new buffalo that we could use on various things for the DoubleShot. This was her final illustration. Love this. Used it on the reverse of all our DubCoins. 
Before we moved into The Rookery, I bought this plastic buffalo head mount and painted it white. It casts a shadow that looks more like a bear.