We’re not Paris, but we have better coffee

A Q+A with Bex Alexander, author of the children’s book Champ and the Eiffel Tower Studio, on sale now at DoubleShot.


Name some of your favorite spots in Paris: I have actually never been to Paris!

What! During the Pandemic, I started watching a lot of the show Emily in Paris. I thought the scenes from the show were set in such beautiful places and buildings, so I started researching more about Paris. The more I saw, the more I felt inspired by the detailed architecture of the buildings, the preservation of such historical buildings, the cobblestone streets, the different plants that grow up the sides of the buildings, the Eiffel Tower, the culture’s appreciation for the arts, the flower shops and cafes, and even the language. I hope to see it all in person someday!

Why’d you name the cat Champ: I named him after the Champ de Mars (the park enclosing the tower).

It was nice to see the Place des Vosges make an appearance: I really was drawn to the Place des Vosges originally when I saw an aerial view of it. Then, as I looked more into it, it really feels like a place you could escape to for an afternoon. With the buildings and tree line surrounding it, it felt like a pocket of peace in a city. It feels like a place I could take my daughter and we could picnic and read and just enjoy a calm moment for the day. As a mom to a toddler, there are not very many calm moments in my day.

So, a little mouse told us the DoubleShot played a role in the writing of Champ: Not only is the architecture beautiful and the coffee delicious, but the environment is inspirational to me. Seeing all of the customers, some alone and some with friends, some working and some there for a break, it all makes me wonder about their stories. What was the best part of their day? What was the worst? Do they need a smile from a stranger today? Those thoughts really spiral me into more creative ideas for my life.

How does that play out in this book: While I’m at DoubleShot, I’m not thinking about the grocery list or the to-do list for the day, I am able to remember pockets of my creativity that don’t come out as much during the busy-ness of life. The light coming through the windows at different times of the day, the individual stories in each room, the different textures used and materials that built the actual barn, the view from the patio as cars drive towards downtown, and specifically the upstairs bench by the window, all inspired me while creating this book!


Bex Alexander graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in University Studies and Studio Art. She lives in Tulsa.