Superkop: The Timeless Manual Espresso Tool

Out of the “lower lands,” the Netherlands to be exact, comes a unique manual espresso machine called the Superkop.

This tool that’s gained notoriety in Asia and Europe is beginning to get noticed in the American coffee industry. Manual espresso machines aren’t new to the coffee world, but the Superkop is different. “The Superkop steps into this market with a strong design aesthetic, albeit more industrial than art nouveau but striking nonetheless, and a clever way around the pressure problem,” says Scott Gilbertson from WIRED Magazine in his review of the up-and-coming tool.

The Superkop has since been reviewed by Barista Magazine, Mark Prince with CoffeeGeek, and was named one of The Top 200 Inventions of 2023 by TIME Magazine

The Superkop comes in three different colors: red, black, and white. Not only does the Superkop cover just 1 foot by 1 foot of counter space, owners also have the option to wall-mount the espresso tool to save space. Customers are mounting their Superkop in their kitchen, their RVs and their vans for travel purposes.

Included with the tool is a sturdy, wooden base with drip tray, the espresso tool itself along with the lever, a standard size portafilter, and water cup. All you need to make a velvety espresso is hot water and arm strength. Simply dial in your DoubleShot Ambergris Espresso Blend, tamp, add hot water to the water cup, place the cup on top of the portafilter, and attach the portafilter to the Superkop. Once attached, slowly pull down on the lever six times to pull your morning espresso.

“It uses a ratcheting mechanism in the handle to keep the pressure constant as you raise and lower the pump arm,” says WIRED’s Gilbertson. “At the same time, you do have some control over how much pressure is applied. You can regulate the pressure by the speed of your pumping, and this, combined with the volume of beans and how finely you grind them, are the tools you have to control the finished result.”

Clean up is simple. Knock the puck out of your portafilter, rinse the basket and water cup, and reassemble.

Timeless would be the word to best describe this tool. The ease of use of this espresso tool combined with its sleek and simple design is a no brainer for coffee lovers here in the states and across the world. This is a tool you will buy once and have for life. A tool that guests will continue to inquire about at your dinner parties. A tool you will take with you wherever you go. It’s durable, easy to repair, lightweight, and has a small footprint. 

Still not sure? Mark Prince, who has reviewed hundreds of coffee products on his prosumer site, says, "The Superkop won’t be boxed up and stored away. It’s going to stay on the wall, and get frequent use. Should my partner and I sell our house and buy a new home one day, one of the many deciding factors will be 'does this house have a suitable spot for me to mount the Superkop?.' That’s just about the highest praise I can give a product."

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