DoubleShot curated: You could call it the art of coffee

After you get your coffee but before you take a seat, go check out our new shop, over under the south stairwell. When the Rookery opened, this was one of seven seating areas. (It was probably a milking shed, when it was a dairy barn in a past life.) It had a row of theater seats, a sofa and a seaworthy trunk moonlighting as a coffee table.

Then, and for the better part of two years, we removed the seating to make room for all the gear and merch we’d begun selling. A shop within a shop, if you will. (Note: I was always into those bookstore cafes that any real city seemed to have one or two of. In one, on Newbury Street in Boston, I bought a topographical history of the city and drank a cup of indifferent drip. That’s the problem with those bookstore cafes. The coffee seldom stacks up to the literature.)

Well, we changed it again. For starters, you can sit there again, and we encourage you to do so. While you do, watch one of Katie Hader’s slick videos. (Now Showing: The Coffee Purist.) And you can shop. We redesigned it—more showroom than stockroom—to give all of our products space to breathe. The wall cards give a description of each item, show the color options available, and point you to related products on display.

Some of these products are actual museum pieces. It seemed fitting to give them the display they deserved. If something grabs your eye, feel free to engage a barista.

Welcome to the new DoubleShop. (Can we call it that? I think we just did.) You could say we finally cleaned up our act.