Sumatra Suku Batak

  • Sumatra coffees are unique and somewhat polarizing. I’ve always loved them for their robust aromatics and earthy taste. The truffle of the coffee world. This is a smoky, herbal coffee that I think is a CLASSIC profile for a Sumatra. Takes me back to some of the powerhouse coffees of the past like Aceh Gold and Iskandar. It’s a wet-hulled coffee from the Lintong region of the island. Lintong is southwest of Lake Toba, which is one of the deepest lakes in the world at over 3 miles in depth. The varieties are crosses of Arabica and two other species of coffee, Liberica and Canephora. These give the coffee a rich taste, while wet-hulling accentuates the inherent earthiness you long for in a Sumatra.









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