Nicaragua Los Volcancitos

  • I met Sergio Gutierrez in 2022, one of a group of young coffee producers striving to break into the specialty coffee market and work directly with roasters. Sergio is gregarious, industrious, and hard-working – attributes that go a long way in business. And he has his hand in several. Sergio got his start driving a big rig, hauling lumber for his father’s saw mill when he was too young to legally drive. He towed vehicles for free for the police, which is why they never stopped him, and why he doesn’t have a current vehicle registration today. When his father decided he didn’t want to be in the coffee business, Sergio took over, renovated the farm, and began to learn how to improve quality. You better believe a guy who knows how to work the system can figure out how to produce excellent coffee. This is the first of many we’ll see from Sergio.





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