Nicaragua Cascara - coffee cherry tea

  • Cascara is the actual dried coffee cherry skin, which can be steeped like tea and drunk like the Yemeni people have for centuries. Even before we learned to roast and grind and brew the seeds of this fruit, there was qishr – coffee cherry tea. This cascara comes from Cafetalera Montelin, where my friend Juan Ramon Diaz runs the day-to-day operations. These skins come from a very special coffee that I also bought from Juan Ramon,  the second and final holiday coffee of 2023, which you should buy here. The variety of this coffee is Java. There’s a reason coffee got the nickname “java,” and that’s because the Indonesian island was one of the largest exporters of coffee in the 19th century. Brought there from Ethiopia by the Dutch, the variety migrated to Cameroon before finding its way to Central America in the 1990s, where today it fetches top dollar for its quality cup. (Sold in 10-ounce bags.)
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