Knife Sharpening Service

Your knives are dull. Trust me. If you try to slice a tomato and it doesn't glide through like a hot knife on butter, your knife needs to be sharpened. Dull knives are dangerous knives because they require too much pressure for cutting and often slide off the edge of whatever you're attempting to cut. But I'll hone your knives to a wicked edge. 

I offer a one time service and charge $12 to sharpen a knife with a 4-inch or shorter blade or $14 for anything longer than 4-inches. 

But here's what I recommend: sign up for my monthly knife sharpening subscription so you won't have to worry about dull edges ever again. Choose how many knives you want sharpened. Once a month you can drop your knives off at The DoubleShot to be serviced, and in 24 hours they will be sharp and ready for you to pickup. 

I'll hone anything from pocket knives to chef's knives. And pretty much anything else you can imagine that has a sharp side. At this time, I'm not doing serrated knives, so maybe just use those for slicing bread. If you have something unusual you want sharpened or have a knife with chips or a broken point, shoot me an email at

At this time, we are only doing drop-off and pick-up for knife sharpening services. No shipping yet, but we are working on it.

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