GrowlerWerks uKeg nitro

I don't have a kegerator at home. And if I did, I'm afraid it would be full of beer, not coffee. But I enjoy a good nitro coffee, so I bought one of these to see if I'd like it. Here's how it works: Pour one of our 750ml pouches of concentrate in the uKeg and top it up with another 750ml of water. Insert a Nitro cartridge (included with the unit) into the canister, screw on the lid, and dial up the pressure. Give it a few shakes and put it in the refrigerator for best results. And that's it. 

So, how did I like it? I loved it. After a run or ride, I found myself sitting in my office at home sipping on nitro coffee. If you've never had it, the nitrous oxide sweetens up the brew, so it tastes a bit like it's sugared. So give yourself some sugars and buy a uKeg. (And one of these.)

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