Flat White Hoodie

In 2022 I was invited to speak to a class at the University of Tulsa about the way we use public spaces to create community. There was a general discourse about the design of The Rookery and how we intentionally built different types of spaces to encourage various sorts of interactions amongst our customers. Some talk of the Venetian (Re)public spaces and how media evolved around politics and community, and the historical importance of coffee as a driving force that eventually fueled revolutions. After all this heady confabulation I turned to the students for questions, and a girl raised her hand and said, "Do you guys serve flat whites?"

It's flat; it's white; it's a hoodie. The same Champion hoodie we used for our Featured Coffee Drinker version, but this one is milky-white, the color of a cocktail napkin enhanced with our trademark coffee cup stain mid-chest and the explicative part of the logo resting comfortably on the fore pocket. You don't have to be smart to wear it, but it might make you look smart.

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