El Apiario Coffee Blossom Honey

My friend Edwin owns Onyx Coffee, an importer of coffee from Guatemala. Edwin's family owns a well-known farm in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala, and he has been working with neighboring farms for the past several years, importing their coffee and selling to roasters like me. Jorge Mendez owns a coffee farm called El Apiario, where he uses bee hives to help with the pollination of the coffee flowers, which increases the yields of his coffee trees. This is where Edwin first tasted the honey produced by bees that collected pollen from fragrant, white coffee flowers. Edwin imports our Captzin coffee from Guatemala, and now we're excited to offer this coffee blossom honey. This is raw honey, which can crystallize over time. To turn the honey back into a smooth liquid, place the jar in a bath of warm water and let it slowly liquify.

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