Guatemala Captzin

  • In the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala, there's a legend among the Mayan people about two prominent rocks in the mountains, which they call Captzin (Kab 'Tzin in the Q'anjob'al language). Kaibil Balam ruled this land in the 16th Century, when Spanish Conquistadors were subjugating what is now Central America. Upon hearing rumors of an impending Spanish invasion, the ruler's brother tricked the Princess Xinabajul into fleeing into the mountains with him. High up beyond the jungles, the gods whispered that the two lovers would be punished for their betrayal, and turned them to stone. Legend has it that the tears of Kaibil Balam still water these mountainsides. This blend of coffees from Huehuetenango delivers an elegant, brightly flavored cup, king’s tears and whispers from the gods.
  •    COCONUT







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