DoubleShot Bean Bundle

How about a “Bean Bundle”?

If you’re looking for an out-there holiday gift idea, look no further! The DoubleShot Bean Bundle is a little side-by-side package partnering two of our favorite things: one pound of coffee beans from Hacienda La Minita, and one pound of Ayocote Negro bean beans from our collection of Rancho Gordo heirloom varietals.

La Minita is our flagship coffee. It’s been with the DoubleShot as long as there’s been a DoubleShot. Read about it here. The Ayocote Negro is a black bean unlike any you’ve seen or tasted. (I mean, just look at that picture.) Firm but not starchy, it cooks into a big, bold bean with an inky broth worthy of a mug. Rancho Gordo calls it a “steak and potatoes” kind of bean.

Buy your Bean Bundle here.

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