De Olier Artesanal Chocolate

I met David De Olier in his chocolate shop in Salento, Quindio, Colombia. He took me to the tasting room and let me taste raw cacao, roasted cacao, and then chocolate from 100% all the way down to 65% dark. He told me he learned to make chocolate during the pandemic, when all the businesses were closed. He watched YouTube videos and bought the equipment, then started buying cacao from a local farmer. And it's good. I settled on the 75%, which seems to be the not-so-sweet spot for this chocolate. It's just two ingredients: cacao and sugar. 

I decided to import these because they're so good, and I love the idea of supporting someone who is scrappy like me and learned to use the local resources to produce excellent products. This is a 70 gram bar. Buy three and save.

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