Contrasting Coffee Collection

People often ask me why they tend to like naturals more than washed coffees or vice versa. Most people don't know the difference or what makes each style tend to lean one direction or the other. So when we started putting together the Kickstarter project for The Coffee Purist book, I decided I wanted to deliver a bit of information that would elucidate the two processes and the results of those methods. We put together this Contrasting Coffee Collection. It's a box set of two half pounds, one washed and one natural. It comes with an insert to give you the general idea what the differences are, with tasting notes on the back. And you'll have access to a video we put together where I explain the two processes in more detail, then walk you through what effect those processes have on the coffees in the box. You should walk away with a firm understanding of how the two different coffees move from the tree to the roaster, and a better grasp on what to expect the next time you get a "washed" or "natural" coffee to drink or brew at home.

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