Holiday Gift Guide

This is the good stuff. A bunch of cool things we don't sell, but I think you need. We've grown into a world where people buy the cheapest crap available, knowing it won't last and they'll end up throwing it away and buying another one before too long. It's temporary satisfaction of a want or need, which causes us to live a trash-filled life with cheaply made tools that have no personality or meaning. A quality life is filled with finery saved-for and carefully chosen. Things you'll enjoy and take care of, maintain and fix, should they need it. And maybe you'll inspire your friends to improve the quality of their purchases, so we all buy less, throw away less, and enjoy more. Here are my first ten, links embedded.

1. Kinoshin whisky glass

2. High-carbon steel chef knife

3. Mechanical watch

4. Anything by Ralph Steadman

5. A good journal and pen

6. Some running shoes

7. A nice bottle of whisky

8. William T. Vollmann

9. Nordic Jazz

10. A comfy Danish chair