The Launchpad by Native Design

The Launchpad was born out of a scattered mess of pourover gear strewn about my counters and cabinets and the inconvenience of fetching it all each morning with bleary-eyed confusion, irritation, and a need to simplify my life. I needed a fully manual drip coffeemaker. The first model I built was simply a rectangle box with a hole in the top, but many iterations later we've reached a point of fruition with style, functionality, and variety. (These come in four styles: walnut, cherry, black, and white.) The Launchpad fits perfectly on a Hario drip scale, with slightly recessed tabs keeping everything centered and stable. A slot beneath your cup's platform holds a ceramic drip tray, which is available in black or white, you choose. It's tall enough to make coffee into one of our 16 ounce Camelbak Horizon tumblers and the dripper hole is suitable for V60s or Kalita Wave or pretty much any dripper you might want to drip coffee out of. Add a Hario V60 dripper (glass with a white or black base or matte black metal, as seen here) and Hario drip scale (white or black, corresponding with your dripper choice) for the complete setup.

It's The Launchpad: Ground Control for your pourover kit. 


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