I was in Nicaragua, packing up to leave the town of Ocotal for a long trip on winding roads with my friend Luis. Earlier that morning, Juan Ramon (owner of Finca Montelin) brought a bag of butter cookies for our trip. A couple hours in, and I reached for the bag, handed one to Luis, and munched on this rich, decadent cookie. And immediately I thought, "This cookie needs a cup of coffee." And that's when it occurred to me that these might be the perfect little accompaniment to an afternoon pick-me-up. So once I returned home, we began working on a recipe. 

Sablé, French for "sand." It's a classic French cookie that originated in Normandy. I can remember growing up in the cornfields of Illinois, a million miles from France, and my mom making "pecan sandies." They must've been in the same vein.  But the word really reminds me of a race I've long wanted (wanted? That might be a strong word) to do: the MARATHON DES SABLES. Look it up; it's intense.

The pack contains 14 cookies crafted in-house. Taste great with any of our coffees, really. But I'd do this one.

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