The Rookery cup

DoubleShot Coffee Company is about more than coffee. But mostly we're about coffee. When we began to design The Rookery, which became our home in 2019, we knew it needed to be iconic. It needed to be a visual representation of who we are as a company. The building exudes craftsmanship, quality, design, and timelessness. And I've been searching for a cup that does the same. A cup designed specifically for DoubleShot Coffee. 

Doug Casebeer, allegedly one of the two greatest potters in America, happens to be doing a stint at the University of Oklahoma as the Artist in Residence for the School of Visual Arts. I contacted Doug about this project and he leapt into action. I described the DoubleShot, The Rookery, and what I wanted in a cup ("rustic" and "voluptuous" were some of the words I used). Doug speaks my language and his work speaks for itself. But this is a guy with a real resume.

He spent 34 years in Snomass Colorado as the Artistic Director for Ceramics and Sculpture at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center. He’s served as pottery consultant to the United Nations and the German government. He’s done outreach to rural Jamaican schools, worked with Nepali potters, and advised programs in Chile and Hawaii. He once made coffee cups and coffee bean containers for exporting Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee to Japan. His artwork has been displayed in museums and galleries around the world, including Taiwan, Geneva, Beijing, and Aspen, of course. 

The cups Doug made for us are indeed rustic and voluptuous. We talked about the coke bottle curves and keeping the colors simple and earthy. Doug used clay from Oklahoma soil, built the glazes from local materials, and fired them in a kiln heated by Oklahoma wood. We decided to glaze the cups in black, white, and earthy blue hues. Pictures don't do them justice; these things are silky smooth, and nuanced in their tones.

If you drink DoubleShot Coffee, I think it deserves a vessel as special as this. It's not just a cup; it's a work of art. We'll add your home to the list of places where Doug's pieces are in collections. 

Since these are hand-made, each one is slightly different. They hold roughly 12 ounces to the rim, 10 ounces comfortably. 

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