The Contemporary DoubleShot Collection

Coffees, like clothing styles, are constantly changing. That's one big difference between commercial coffee and specialty coffee. It's a seasonal crop, and while there are a few staples that never seem to go out of fashion, the majority of our offerings are fleeting. A momentary, short-lived snapshot of the hottest selections available grace our shelves at any given time, and you may not get the chance to cycle through them before they change.

Cue up Pharrell Williams' "Happy."

Now you can sample a broad range of our current selections all in one box set. We call it The Contemporary DoubleShot Collection, composed of eight 57-gram sachets of different coffees we're roasting right now. That's enough for one 10-cup auto drip pot of each or if you're like me, two morning pourovers - a variety that will stave off palate fatigue for a week. Enjoy a journey around the world one cup at a time. 

We're also including a booklet with info on each coffee and a place to see our tasting notes and to write your own.

These selections will change regularly, so there's no guarantee that any two sets will be the same. Coffees represented in the photo may no longer be available. Because vintage coffees aren't as cool as vintage clothes. Order one for yourself and one for a friend who loves coffee. 

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