DoubleShot Native Pecan Butter

I love peanut butter. Peanut butter crackers have long been my go-to snack. The frugal-but-delicious peanut butter sandwich is a staple in my diet. I can remember in the junior high school cafeteria, my hoodlum friends talked me into getting the all-too-famous peanut butter sandwich dipped in tomato soup. Peanut butter and tomato: a match made in... well, junior high. Of course, now we know that peanut butter is for mouse traps, and adults eat "nut butter." 

The DoubleShot pastry kitchen has been working diligently to produce the best pecan butter in Oklahoma. We source our pecans from Miller Pecan Co in Afton, Oklahoma and add just a pinch of salt produced out west in Freedom, Oklahoma. Since I started eating our pecan butter, I've relegated my leftover peanut butter to dogs and mice. You gotta try this stuff.

We're selling the DoubleShot Native Pecan Butter in 1 ounce and 16 ounce jars. Buy the 1 ounce, and I guarantee you'll be buying the 16 ounce. We're changing the taste of PB&J.

(We recommend storing this in the refrigerator for best longevity, and give it a stir before use, as the oil naturally drifts to the top.)

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