Fiorenzato AllGround coffee grinder

At the last specialty coffee convention in Portland, we walked wide-eyed into the Fiorenzato booth. Fiorenzato: the name itself makes you feel like you just walked onto the showroom floor of Ferrari. I'd never heard of them, even though they've been in business for eighty years. But their grinders are dazzling. I just started touching them, turning their grind adjustments and turning them on and off. Zoom zoom. 

Now, we've been selling grinders since I first opened in 2004 – first it was Bodum and then probably something else, and we settled into Baratza for the long-haul (like everyone else). But we've never sold a grinder like this. Baratza is a fine entry-level machine, but the build quality of Fiorenzato AllGround is next level. Next next level. 

It has a touch screen you use to activate the grinder. The stepped grind adjustment collar swivels from espresso fineness to moka pot to filter coffee (that's drip or pourover for you unacculturated newbs). As you move from one brewing method to the next, the screen changes to show which grind size zone you're in. Espresso lets you pulse grind or use pre-set timed grinding for singles or doubles. (We recommend a double.) Moka has a pulse activation, and filter has a touch on - touch off, both of which count up as it's grinding. 

One of the coolest features is the fact that you can rotate the collar all the way to the coarsest setting and then push a button and it pops off. From there, the top burr set pulls straight out for easy cleaning. You've never seen anything like this. 

OH! By the way, it has FLAT burrs, not conical burrs like almost every other home grinder on the market. Grind precision and consistency with flat burrs cannot be matched by conical burrs, especially the ones that wobble around in those plastic-body grinders. And they're coated with something they call Dark-T, which is a combination of titanium, aluminum, carbon and nitrogen, which increases the lifespan of the burr set and creates a burr that's sharp enough that I don't recommend running your finger across it.

Not sure if you can tell that I'm excited about this, but I'm excited about this. Two colors available. I recommend you use this with a Superkop and that black V60 dripper, for starters.

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