Shot in the dark trucker hat

There are a lot of ways to take your coffee. You know how I take mine. Most people prefer it light brown. But there is a small segment of the population that seems to just drink coffee to get jacked. These are the folks who ask whether the Costa Rica or the Sumatra has more caffeine. And they order things like a "red eye" or a "depth charge." Coffee with coffee in it. They like it strong. Yeah.

So here's a hat for those black on black coffee drinkers. A trucker hat that's subtlety is only exceeded by it's monotony. Wear this on those dark nights when you're out on the town putting up your latest street art; a tagger's delight. Because the last thing you want is for them to track you down at DoubleShot. 

Just don't order the drink. We don't make that.

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