PUQpress Q2

Automation and contraptions that take the human element out of a craft are not my thing. But neither is sloppiness, inconsistency, or bad coffee. Really the only way to ensure that you're getting an excellent product every single time is to learn the craft, practice incessantly, understand the factors that cause inconsistency, and implement measures to control those changes. And if you're not doing all that yourself, a little automation goes a long way. That's why we use a PUQpress at DoubleShot. 

Here's how it works. You get you one of them fancy espresso grinders where you stick the portafilter up under the chute and it fills the basket up with coffee perfectly. Settle, distribute, and level. Then pop that puppy into the PUQpress and let'er rip. It tamps perfectly level every time and to the desired pressure (up to sixty pounds). Not as heavy as I tamp, but about ten times heavier than your weenie baristas tamp. Sure, it takes some of the "art" out of barista-ing, but it also takes that yucky taste out of your mouth from over-extraction, worm holes, a sloped puck, or just flat out lackluster preparation. 

I recommend it, and I don't recommend (or tamp) things lightly. 

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