Fellow Joey 8-ounce mug

I was watching a MasterClass with Sara Blakely and the owner of Fellow appeared on a segment entitled "Culture & Growth Case Study." That must've been cool to get to chat with the owner of Spanx AND to get on MasterClass. The culture and growth issues, I get. But the guy went to Stanford and focused on design during his MBA. So the products coming out of his shop are aesthetically and functionally pleasing. We've been selling the Fellow Stagg kettles for some time, so when I saw these cups I was intrigued. 

With a copper base and double-wall ceramic body, it's a contrast in materials shaped to fit in the palm of your hand. I really like this volume in a cup I'm going to drink coffee out of at home, and the construction keeps your hand cool while the coffee stays warm. We had the DoubleShot icon emblazoned on the side, just so you can let your friends know that you're not only stylish, but you're also cool like that. Fill this thing with DoubleShot coffee and you've got your own master class in culture. 

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