Coffee Snob Tee

You know how it is when you're talking to someone and coffee comes up in conversation, and the person is a consumer of inferior coffee, so when they ask you what coffee you drink, they expect you to say the name of one of those ubiquitous types that might've come in a can and is invariably pre-ground and very old but conventional in the way commercial coffee has been throughout our lives. So when you tell them you only drink fresh-roasted DoubleShot coffee, they look a little surprised (maybe at your level of sophistication) and somewhat perturbed (because they don't get it), and then they put a label on you that feels a little underhanded and snarky. Some people recoil at the accusation as if their character has been indirectly impugned. But the fact of the matter is, we're labeled snobs by the uninitiated, the uncurious, the ones who settle for mediocrity. Or worse. So I wear it proudly, like a badge of honor.

Yeah, I'm a coffee snob. 

Black tri-blend shirt with a slight heather, soft like fine bedlinens (because we're snobs about a lot more than just coffee). DoubleShot logo on the back (for clarification, if there is any doubt), and your epithet on the front. If you can't beat us, join us.

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