Western Icon Buckle

Last time I was in Panama City, I got up early to catch a taxi to the airport for my flight home, and I walked outside the W Hotel into the dark morning to wait for my ride. The door man didn't pay me any attention, but a moment later a stunningly beautiful girl walked out the door behind me. She was a real jaw-dropper and the door man attended to her every move. I nervously shifted in my boots, thinking about striking up a conversation, us being the only ones going somewhere very early (madrugadores). And I was thinking we would look good together, us some sort of power couple; me wielding the social capital and she wooing all with her charm and style. But as it turned out, she didn't pay me any attention either. I asked a friend later, "What am I doing wrong? Why are these girls not into me?" And she said, "They're looking for fashionable men. It's the watch, she recognizes brands, your shoes, they look for signs." 

Well, she obviously didn't see my belt buckle. 

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