Aram manual espresso maker


I happened upon the Aram guys at the Brazil coffee booth at the Specialty Coffee Expo, and I thought it was a grinder. But they made an espresso for me and I was duly impressed. So I bought one and started using it every day in my kitchen. It didn't take long for me to realize that, with the proper grind setting on my Comandante, I could make an excellent espresso with this simple machine. It's hand-crafted in Brazil, and its style looks great with our line of Comandante grinders.

There's no automation here. You have to boil the water in a kettle. Grind your favorite DoubleShot Coffee, and put it in the threaded portafilter basket, tamp, screw it in, and you're all set. The espresso is made by winding the handle up and then all the way back down, pressing a piston and forcing the hot water through your puck of coffee. Clean-up is easy too. Just knock the puck into the trash (or your compost) and rinse the basket under the faucet. 

I took mine with me on a trip to Colorado recently. You can detach the Aram from its stand and the shot glass seats into the portafilter basket with a gasket, so you can make an espresso free-style.

With each one made-to-order by artisans in Brazil, this hand-crafted machine is an excellent way to make coffee. We have these in stock, so order yours now. The Aram is currently available in rubia, morena, and castaña finishes.

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