Cycling and Triathlon kits

One of the coolest things for me is when I'm riding my bike down the river trail, people see the DoubleShot logo on my kit and yell "I love DoubleShot!" This happens more than you'd think. Even kids who love our donuts and hot chocolate recognize the DoubleShot icon and yell "DOUBLESHOT!" as I pass by. You too can rep the coolest place in town. The latest designs for DoubleShot athletic wear are done and ready for production. These are ordered and expected to be here at the beginning of December. I did order a few extras beyond what was pre-ordered, and these are accounted for in the inventory here. So get them while they last.

These are Specialized race fit kits, so a little different from the club fit jerseys we've produced in the past. Form-fitting gear for the sleek, unflappable, sporty type. Specifically, they're the SL jersey and bibs (RBX shorts for women) and the short sleeved tri suit. Click here for the Specialized sizing chart.

We're excited for the new design. Prominently featuring the DoubleShot icon all around, with the logo on the low back. And you know those little 2 stickers that find themselves onto every flat surface in your life? We put those on the back pockets of the jersey. The right leg of the bibs and tri suits reminds you that your legs are fresh and reminds everyone behind you that our coffee is fresh.

These are available at a ridiculously low price because we're subsidizing the cost with DoubleShot advertising dollars. Thanks for being one of us.

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