Coffee Concentrate

  • We've been making this "cold brew" coffee concentrate for years and selling it in the shop. At first we only sold it by the cup, and then we started selling it in jars for our customers to take home.  And now, we have re-vamped the methods we use to make our concentrate and reimagined the packaging. My friend, Chris Large owned a company called Eco Vino, which he started in order to sell wine that had a smaller environmental footprint. Eco Vino sold wine in these sleek, durable, and eco-friendly pouches, which is what gave me the idea to use them for our coffee concentrate. They reduce the waste usually associated with packaging of liquids, and are highly efficient because the volume of coffee in the bag will yield 3 times that amount in your cup. So we're really excited about selling you our coffee concentrate in these pouches. This is a great thing to take with you camping or backpacking. Or on the road whenever you travel. (I was listening to the podcast "How To Do Everything" one day and heard them talking about taking ice through airport security, so I talked to a friend who is a TSA agent and he confirmed, yes, you can take frozen liquids through security at the airport. So freeze the coffee concentrate, go through security, add water, and you have delicious coffee in the terminal!)  It's easy to use and will allow you to make coffee without needing a grinder and brewing equipment. We recommend storing the pouch in the refrigerator.
  • This is an extract made from fresh-roasted DoubleShot Coffee.  You can use it any number of ways, and we encourage you to get creative.  To make iced coffee, pour one part coffee to two parts water and add ice.  To make hot coffee, use one part coffee to two parts boiling water.  I sometimes like to put a big 2 inch ice cube in a double old fashioned glass and pour 4 ounces of coffee concentrate over it and sip it slowly as the cube melts and dilutes the coffee. You can use the coffee concentrate in any foods that call for coffee.  Some of the local breweries use this concentrate to make coffee stouts and whatnot.  And our local cocktail bar, Valkyrie, makes a coffee cocktail with it.  Do with it what you please. But it's really good by itself!

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