Camelbak Horizon tumbler

Camelbak changed the way we carried water while hiking and biking, turning backpacks into reservoirs. But Camelbak is much more than that today, producing packs, vests and bottles for many activities, as well as bottles and cups for kids and adults. I've been selling Camelback travel tumblers for several years because I like the quality, durability, and functionality of their designs. 

The Horizon collection is the latest from Camelbak, and I love it. At the DoubleShot, we sell drinks to go in 10- and 16-ounce cups. And finally someone produced the same sizes in stainless steel tumblers. These are robust, powder coated and etched with the DoubleShot icon. They're flat black with a bit of grip. The bottom has a rubber, non-slip base. And the lid has a slide opening that is adjustable for sipping or gulping. One note on this cup - unlike the Camelbak Forge, which was leak-proof, this lid will leak if you knock it over, so don't knock it over. 

These are great for both hot and cold drinks: a small americano or an iced latte, perhaps. The 10-ounce tumbler is also the perfect size for a double Old Fashioned, if you're of the mind. Whatever it is, make it a double.

Our 16 ounce is now available in four colors! One for each mood.

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