Baratza Virtuoso+

Baratza has been the big player in the home coffee grinder market for as long as I've been in the business, and the Virtuoso has long been the workhorse in their family of grinders. I personally used a Virtuoso at home for several years until I decided to switch to using my Comandante every day. Virtuoso is a noticeable step up from the entry level Encore, with a heavier base and better motor and burr setup that grinds at roughly twice the speed.

Baratza recently retired the original Virtuoso and released this Virtuoso+. It's the same grinder, but they've added LED lights in the grinding chamber, and replaced the timer knob with a digital timer interface. Now you can set your grind and dial in how much time it takes to grind the amount of coffee you need for your brew, and it's easy to replicate each brew cycle. 

This grinder comes stock ready to grind for french press, drip, pourover, and some AeroPress methods. If you're wanting to use it for espresso, some adjustment to the grind adjustment ring may be necessary.

In my opinion, this is the grinder of choice for anyone wanting to brew good coffee at home without having to grind manually.

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