Bambito Estate Yellow Catuai Natural

  • Bambito Estate was founded in the early 1900s in the Chiriquí province of Panama. In 1945, Alberto Sittón Rios inherited the farm from his father, and today it is run by his granddaughter, Priscilla and her son Ivan. Though Alberto only finished the fifth grade, he went on to become governor of Chiriquí, twice. This same ingenuity and drive for excellence still resides today at Bambito, where coffees are regularly awarded among the best of Panama. This Yellow Catuai is outstanding because of the attention to detail and hard work, principles passed down from Alberto, who was known to say, “The sole of your boots is the best fertilizer for our farm.” When I last strode my boots across Bambito’s soil, the quality was evident each step of the way.
  •    COCOA





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