Costa Rica La Minita

  • La Minita was my first origin trip way back in 2005. Naive and unprepared, I took my mountain bike along and pedaled the mountainous roads from Bustamante to Santa Maria de Dota to San Marcos, traversing all the most famous areas of the Tarrazu region on two wheels. This was my favorite coffee when I first began roasting at home and little did I know, I had a good palate for coffee from the very beginning. It’s been a staple at DoubleShot since day one, and for good reason. It’s a near-perfect coffee: washed, mechanically dried, and meticulously hand-sorted. It’s so clean that you can taste the terroir, and if you’ve ever been to Costa Rica, you know that’s bliss. After all these years we have many friends at La Minita, and each visit is something special. Each cup is something special.
  •    LEMON









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