Native Expedition Brewer

Expeditions used to be so much more grandiose than they are today. In the "Age of Exploration," spanning the 15th to the 17th centuries, one struck out (from Spain or Portugal probably) hoping to locate some new landmass off in a blank corner of a hand-drawn, fantastical map of the known world. That was back when you could truly call yourself an explorer. Today, we're just as likely to climb into a Ford Explorer and go out looking for our own less epic version of adventure. 

Nonetheless, wherever or however you go, you're going to need coffee. You're going to need a brewer suited for an expedition, because anything less might find you filtering coffee grounds through your sock. 

I've used a lot of gear over my 30 years of racing, camping, and origin trips. The best gear I made or modified to suit my style and need. And that's how the Expedition Brewer came to be. What started out as an assembly of screw-together steeping gizmos eventually morphed into the Pourover Holster and then through a thousand tiny adaptations over several years, the Expedition Brewer was forged. 

It's light - around 50 grams, about the same as 50¢ in nickels. And it lays flat in your bag, taking up less space than a pair of boxers. Less than a single boxer, really. It's made of canvas bound by copper rivets and stowed with snaps. Inside, a laminated copper cone. Copper for durability and style and because copper is antimicrobial, keeping the bugs out of your mugs. A wood stay keeps the cone on your cup. All you need is a few cone filters and a travel scale (filters and scale both fit neatly inside the snapped canvas). And coffee

Go forth and explore.

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