Episode 91 - Jim McEnaney of La Minita Coffee

Jim McEnaney, who is a coffee quality manager at La Minita Coffee, visited us some time ago and I sat down and listened to him talk about La Minita and some of the other coffees they produce and source.
Mark and I talk through the longest preamble ever, fairly dominating the entire show with funny memories of Autumn and Halloween and a few sad thoughts of life and loss.
You can find all the coffees mentioned on the podcast here:  http://www.doubleshotcoffee.com/collections/podcast-features

Music for this episode is by Lyndon Scarfe and Kai Engel.

This was a difficult episode for me to finish because I felt compelled to mention my dad's passing on September 3.  It's an overwhelming loss.

 coffee pickers at La Minita
 Jim in the nursery at La Minita
 sorting room at La Minita - looks like a peaberry
 me picking coffee at LM
my dad and mom at a coffee farm in Tanzania