Maracay Pink Bourbon Natural

  • You know Maracay for their washed Caturra, which we've had on the shelves since October. But you don’t know Maracay like this. Pink Bourbon is a variation of Bourbon that mutated up in the mountains of Colombia to ripen pink instead of red. Why, I don’t know. But I do know that those juicy, pink coffee cherries bring a heaping helping of sugars in their skin that respond to fermentation by giving us rich, vibrant flavors in the cup. Brewed at different temperatures and grind sizes, you can draw out berries or banana, bright fruits or more base flavors, making this a versatile coffee that drinks different every day. Owned by Luz Helena Salazar, Maracay has quickly become a new powerhouse in our lineup of exotic coffees. Having breakfast with Luz in Armenia, Colombia, she divulged to me that she doesn’t even like naturals. But she sure knows how to produce them. Drink pink. Black. The first of our 2023 Holiday coffees, Maracay Pink Bourbon Natural is packaged in pink, wrapped in a festive paper.





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