Sumatra Mutu Batak

  • Sumatran coffees are in a league of their own. The traditional wet-hulled processing method, along with a set of varieties not seen in other parts of the world, create an aromatic profile distinct and sometimes polarizing. Mutu Batak is the name of the tribe that grew this coffee in the Lintong district of the island. Sumatra is the sixth-largest island in the world and the largest in the Indonesian territory. The deep, savory notes of Mutu give our Ambergris Espresso Blend some legs to stand on, but the coffee plays well all on its own. The most fragrant coffee in our current lineup, it will fill your home with the smells of the island from the moment you press GRIND. And if you haven’t tried our peppercorns from the same island, you don’t know what savory secrets come from Sumatra.
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