Featured CoffeeDrinker Hoodie

I know you're buying into the Featured Coffee each week and you're listening to every episode of DoubleShot Folk wishing you could befolk more DoubleShot VIPs. You wish the coffee would speak to you the way Westley spoke to Buttercup in The Princess Bride. You want to BE the Featured Coffee. Well, this is probably about as close as it's going to get for most of you. The Featured CoffeeDrinker Hoodie. This is no ordinary hoodie. We bought and returned several before zeroing in on this one, the champion of hoodies: The Champion hoodie. It's a robust and cozy 50/50 blend and the kind of black you get when you turn all four C, M, Y, and K up to 100. For the design I focused on the two things that set a hoodie apart from a mere sweatshirt: the hood and the pocket. The DoubleShot logo is printed on the pocket in smart white, and the Featured Coffee icon (2star) is emblazoned on the side of the hood in red. It's the type of hoodie both Mark Brown and J. Balvin might wear. And you should too. Mission accomplished.

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