DoubleShot Spoon Butter wood conditioner

When Paul McEntire opened his wood shop to the DoubleShot Artisans site, we all started paying more attention to the wooden utensils we use each day. It became apparent that the abusive cycle of use/wash was deteriorating our spatulas and cutting boards. And that's where the idea came from for the DoubleShot Spoon Butter. Paul guided us on what ingredients to use and what consistency it should be, and we brought in staff with experience in making skin moisturizers. After many trials, we have arrived at a wood conditioner that's going to be the salvation of your wood tools. 

It's food safe (and skin softening), made with mineral oil and the highest quality beeswax from RJS Bee Farm in Owasso, Oklahoma. After washing, let your wood pieces dry thoroughly, then rub on a coat of our spoon butter, let it sit a few minutes, and give it a final wipe-down. Keep them conditioned and they'll be beautiful, durable, and silky smooth.

The pack comes with a sanding sponge to take the coarseness out of dried-out wood, some cotton applicators, and a 4-ounce tin of DoubleShot Spoon Butter.

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