Rancho Gordo Beans

Yes, we know you come here for coffee beans, but you know we are crazy about quality in all aspects of life. So when we heard how good Rancho Gordo beans were, we tasted and then tasted some more and then incorporated them into our lifestyle, and now we sell them. 

Rancho Gordo sells heirloom varieties of beans that are hard to find but easy to love. Each one is unique and beautiful. Here's a list of the beans we're selling currently:

Ayocote Blanco is a dense, flavorful bean with a thick skin. When completely cooked, its creamy and starchy texture attains a delicate potato-like taste.

Ayocote Negro are firm without being starchy and have a darker, inky bean broth than other runner beans enjoy. They are large, bold and one of the first beans we recommend if you're trying to sell a "steak and potatoes"-type on heirloom beans.

Domingo Rojo is a small, mild-yet-dense heirloom bean, begging to be put to work as red beans and rice, chili con carne, or a wonderful ingredient in your summer salad. It holds its shape when cooked, and the thick bean broth coats every rice grain or noodle with a luxurious sauce.

Vaquero is a really lovely cousin to the Anasazi bean which have intriguing black and white markings, not unlike an appaloosa horse might don. The flavor is somewhat like the Anasazi but it's a little lighter. The real fun is the inky, black pot liquor. It looks cool and tastes great. 

Scarlet Runner beans are one of the oldest cultivated foods of the Americas. They are firm and stay whole, but you can keep cooking them and they'll go from starchy to creamy. Despite their thick skin, they exude a beautiful bean broth that needs little help to be enjoyed.

Royal Corona are giant, fat, white runner beans that are creamier and more luxurious than Greek and Spanish gigandes and a little denser than traditional Italian coronas. They can replace any white bean, but be prepared to be astounded by how big they are when cooked. 

King City Pink is an heirloom bean from King City, California, with a rich history and a dreamy bean broth. It has a thin skin and a dense yet creamy interior. 

Cranberry beans are versatile and velvety. This thin-skinned Borlotti bean produces a rich, indulgent bean broth, making it perfect for classic Italian dishes as well as simple pot beans. Thought to be originally from Colombia, this bean has been bred around the world to become Madeira, Borlotti, Tongues of Fire, Wren’s Egg, and more. In Mexico, you'll find these as Cacahuate (peanut) beans. 

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