Pecan Butter Cups

I remember one Halloween my mom made me a yellow cape and I dressed up like Robin (I wanted to be Batman but that was far too complicated). As usual in Illinois, the temperature dropped on Halloween night and my mom made me wear a coat to go trick-or-treating, so every door I knocked on I was greeted with the same thing: "What are you supposed to be?" A kid can only hear that so many times before he wants to punch a homeowner in the face. Instead, I fished inside their plastic pumpkin for as many Reese's Peanut Butter Cups as my little fists could handle. I'd trade you a dozen Snickers for one bite-sized peanut butter cup. 

But seriously, peanut butter cups? Give me a break. Those are for children who don't know any better. 

The Pecan Butter Cups from the DoubleShot pastry kitchen are on a different plane. Our Maduro-infused dark chocolate shell stuffed to the gills with creamy-sweet pecan butter. I promise when you buy a 4-pack of these, you'll ditch the superhero sidekick costume, turn the porch light off, and kick back on the sofa with a glass of red, treating yourself to the decadence you deserve. 

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