Colombia Maracay Honey

  • The Pink Bourbon natural and washed Caturra coffees were so good, I couldn’t say no to a honey-processed coffee from Luz Helena Salazar’s farm, Maracay. Honey process is the middle- ground between wet- and dry-processed coffees. Once the coffee cherries are harvested, the skins are stripped off and the seeds are dried with the mucilage still intact. This tends to produce a sweeter, softer version of the Caturra with aromatics that will remind you of honey. If you love naturals, you might like this. If you hate naturals, you also might like this. It’s a coffee for all palates. Grown on the side of a picturesque mountain in the Quindío region of Colombia, the terroir influences the quality of the cup, while its surrounding beauty only makes the journey more enjoyable.
  •    APPLE





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