Yirgacheffe Bedhatu Jibicho natural

  • We used to have to say “Ethiopia Yirgacheffe” to denote the origin of a coffee like this, but we’re all grown up now and everyone who’s anyone knows where Yirgacheffe is. Now we just say, “the Yirg.” The motherland of coffee (and humanity, apparently), the varieties grown in this region are as diverse and pure as any on Earth. This one I bought from my friend Peter at Royal Coffee, a reliable source for coffees in which I don’t deal directly with the producer. Bedhatu Jibicho is a woman who has run her farm since her husband, who acquired land in the 60s, died in 1991. This cup is reminiscent of so many amazing coffees we’ve had from Yirgacheffe. It’s all berries and flowers and chocolate and tea. Drink slowly.





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