DoubleShot Proprietary Coffee Travel Kit

When I travel, I HAVE to take my coffee with me.  I like to taste the local stuff, but I also like to enjoy a cup that I know will be good.  I came up with this system to make coffee easily with equipment that is light and packable.  This is especially useful when I go camping or backpacking, because I'm already carrying a bottle, and the extra equipment needed is minimal.  But none of this will work without one key piece that I have created here in the DoubleShot Laboratory.  Watch the video below to see how it works. 

Included in this kit is:

1L Stainless Steel GSI INFINITI DUKJUG - good for drinking water, and for making coffee

Hario Skerton Hand Grinder - currently the best hand grinder on the market

Connect3 Adaptor Ring - my proprietary ring that lets you leave the glass jar at home, and screw the Hario Skerton onto the GSI bottle

GSI H2JO! - the filter that keeps the grounds in the bottle when you pour your coffee in the cup


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