Tanzania Tweega Peaberry

  • From the Southern Highlands of Tanzania, this coffee is the combined result of 10,000 very small farmers' crops. The average size of a farm in this area is 500 coffee trees, which isn't squat, so farmers must also grow their own food. This is a washed coffee, so the fruits are very subtle. It's composed of Bourbon and Typica varieties, lending the coffee some heft, but also allowing some of the lighter notes to come through in the cup. I like this coffee. It's a peaberry, which means the beans are smaller and round, instead of having a flat side. Sometimes that can yield a more even roast. Tweega seems like a funny word, but it's the Swahili word for Giraffe. The giraffe in the picture is one I snapped when I took my parents on safari in Tanzania in 2011. Good times.
  •    MELON





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