Support a podcast

I love podcasts. I have two of my own, AA Cafe and DoubleShot Folk. (And I'm working on a third!) I usually listen to podcasts while roasting your coffee. And I had the idea several months ago to send a pound of the coffee that I roasted while listening to a podcast to the people who produced that podcast. They produced something, then I produced something while listening to the thing they produced, and then it went full circle. So I've done that now and then, and the podcasters always appreciate it. So I was thinking that you might want to do the same.

Here, you can purchase a pound of coffee and choose a podcast producer for us to send it to. We'll send a note with the coffee saying who it's from (you), and if you have anything specific you want us to write in the note, be sure and write that in the comments section during checkout. I've listed some of my go-to shows here for you to choose from, or you can write in another show, and we'll do our best to track down the mailing address of your show and get them the coffee. 

This is a great way to say thanks to the people who entertain and inform us. It takes a lot of time and energy to put together even one episode of the simplest podcast, and the producers deserve a treat.

To show our support, we're only charging $17 for the coffee and we will pay the shipping. We'll ship out the featured coffee of the week.

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